Camping Rules

  • You must have a designated event pass to enter the camp area.
  • All vehicles entering the camp area must have a parking pass.
  • Sites are sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • 8 people and one steering wheel maximum per site.
  • All vehicles and belongings must fit in your site.
  • No glass bottles allowed!

Quiet Times

At designated times, quiet conversations only in the campground. No music or yelling. For Laketown Rock, quiet time is 2am - 7am in both Laketown Campsites and Big Boys Toys areas.


  • No fire pits, charcoal BBQs or open flames.
  • Cigarettes must be disposed in ashtrays - never on the ground.
  • The concert venue will close by 1am or earlier. Be prepared for a rush to campsites and parking. No gate breaks.

Recycling & Waste

Please pack reusable containers and extra garbage bags. Put recyclables and waste into designated receptacles.


  • Speed limit is 10km/hr.
  • Use the designated drop-off area only. No drop offs in the campsite.
  • No cruising or excessive driving.
  • Please report speeding or cruising to security here, including vehicle license plate and description.

Towing Policy

  • Valid camping or parking passes must be visible from outside your vehicle at all times.
  • Vehicles that infringe any campsite rules or do not display valid passes will be towed.
  • Owners of the vehicle will be responsible for all towing charges.


If you possess prohibited items or engage in prohibited activity, you may face seizure of items, loss of event pass, eviction or law enforcement action.

Prohibited Items

  • Glass bottles
  • Non-utility knives
  • Weapons
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Personal recreational vehicles such as golf carts, ATVs or horses
  • Narcotics or paraphernalia
  • Any items which may harm the safety or tranquility of others

Prohibited Activity

  • Any criminal offence, including drug use, underage drinking or violence
  • Rowdy behavior or excessive noise
  • Garbage - Failure to maintain a clean campsite may lead to eviction and loss of event pass
  • Climbing or tampering with structures
  • Drinking outside your campsite
  • Unsafe structures on your campsite
  • Any gang-related activity, including displaying gang colours, patches or other related items
  • Any activity that impacts the safety and enjoyment of others

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