Festival Camping

This page is dedicated to Festival Information only. For info on camping during non-event weeks at Laketown Ranch Campgrounds, please visit our campground information page.




To have access to the campgrounds you must have the relevant single day or weekend festival wristband AND a camping wristband. Laketown Shakedown is a music festival that features camping, it is not a camping only event.

Cook stoves, propane fire pits and BBQ’s MUST be 12 in (30 cm) off the ground at all times. ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD FIRE PITS OR CHARCOAL COOKING DEVICES. You must have a fire extinguisher at your campsite if you are using a cook stove, BBQ or propane fire pit.

No pets allowed on site, with the exception of registered service dogs. If you have a service dog you must provide to Guest Services the BC Guide & Service dog registration.

Failure to keep a clean campsite WILL result in eviction from grounds. No household furniture permitted.

Climbing on any structures, trees, RV’s (with the exception of repairs), fences, etc., may lead to eviction from grounds.

Generators must be shut down from 12am to 8am. Obey campsite quiet times. Campsites must be left clean and vacated by 11am the day after the event.

Campers who do not demonstrate care for self, others or the environment WILL be told to leave the campground and will have their camping passes revoked without a refund. Camping at Laketown Ranch is a privilege. Dangerous or obnoxious behaviour will NOT be tolerated.

Transportation & Roadways

The roadway speed limit is 10 km/hr. Excessive speed causes dust and is dangerous. Those who drive over the speed limit will be subject to ejection. No cruising or excessive trips throughout the site are permitted.

No personal ATV’s, dirt bikes, bicycles or golf carts are permitted.

Keep roadways clear at all times. Vehicles impeding roadways will be towed.

Always arrange a safe ride home. Taxis are available on site and we have a comprehensive shuttle service. Road checks will be done nightly by local law enforcement.

Recycling & Garbage

LEAVE NO TRACE! Laketown Ranch is a pristine, natural environment that is home to herds of elk and other wildlife. Please help us keep it clean by utilizing the proper waste and recycling bins throughout the festival site. Garbage drop-off locations are located throughout camping. There is no curbside pickup. Please be responsible and use the bins provided.

Clean campsites will be rewarded. Dirty ones may be ejected at any time. Please treat Laketown Ranch as your own home and respect it.


Grounds For Ejection

  • Invalid, tampered with, fraudulent or absent wristband (civil and/or criminal charges will be sought)
  • Rowdy or disrespectful behaviour
  • Excessive noise/noise after curfew
  • Excessive garbage in campsite
  • Sales of any unauthorized or illegal materials
  • Possession of fireworks, weapons or illegal drugs
  • Contributing to underage drinking
  • Speeding on roadways
  • Public intoxication

Be respectful of yourself, other guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, security, RCMP, and the beautiful natural environment around you.

Laketown Ranch and Wideglide Entertainment Ltd. assume no liability for personal loss, injury, death, property damage or any other harm suffered by participants, spectators, site owners, lessees or others who may be adversely affected by any event held at Laketown Ranch.

All patrons entering Laketown Ranch may have their image or likeness reproduced for promotional and/or other purposes of Laketown Ranch or any event held on-site. By entering the grounds, patrons agree to allow such use of your image and/or likeness.

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